Our Mission

Smart Water Services was created at NewFields Companies in Atlanta, Georgia in 2011 with the goal to provide fresh and innovative solutions for the water utility industry using smart water network technologies and services. In 2014, Smart Water Services, LLC was created as an independent company to continue this mission. Having worked in the water industry as a consultant and water utility employee for two decades, Founder and President, Paul West P.E., realized that most water utilities face similar operational and engineering challenges –

  • Lack of data where it matters at remote points in the water distribution network and limited access to and underutilized facility SCADA data where it already exists

  • Lack of interoperability between major software systems (GIS, SCADA, hydraulic model, CMMS, etc.)

  • Lack of staffing resources to manage these systems using traditional approaches

And we knew there had to be better way – and so SWIMM was born.

SWIMM = Smart Water Infrastructure Monitoring + Modeling + Management​

SWIMM is a portable wireless monitoring and control system that can be deployed to virtually any point in the water network to monitor and optimize pressure, water quality, flow, and leakage in a fraction of the time and cost as traditional SCADA systems. Integrating SWIMM with Innovyze SCADAWatch application, water utilities and consultants can link real-time data feeds (e.g. ESRI ArcGIS Server, SCADA data, AMI data, and SWIMM data) to the InfoWater network model to create the most powerful and flexible water distribution analysis platform in the industry.

What We Do

  • Smart Water Network technology solutions consulting

  • SWIMM telemetry product sales and leasing programs

  • Telemetry equipment deployment, training, calibration, and maintenance

  • SCADA system integration and field services

  • Operational decision support (ODS) platform deployment

  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS)

  • Hardware-as-a-service (HaaS)

  • Traditional and real-time field testing for model calibration

  • Real-time network modeling and master planning studies

  • DMA/active leakage management design and implementation

  • Pressure transient monitoring studies

  • Pressure zone design and implementation

  • Pump station energy management evaluations

News and Events

June 2016

Smart Water announces SWIMM Nex.Gen at AWWA ACE16 in Chicago, the latest advancement in remote monitoring, control, and protection of our nation’s public water infrastructure.

January 2016

Smart Water announces new offering of Campbell Scientific telemetry systems, the gold standard and global leader in remote telemetry in harsh environments, with over 300,000 deployments over their 40 year history.

July 2015

Sales representative to the water utility industry in the Pacific Northwest, Sound Water Services, adds SWIMM to their line card.

May 2015

Rye Engineering selects the SWIMM to replace high maintenance water quality analyzer at master meter point to consecutive water system.

January 2015

AWWA selects University of California Berkeley and Smart Water Services abstract for presentation at ACE15 (June 10, 2015 10:00 AM).

August 2014

Butts County Water and Sewer Authority selects SWIMM turbidity event detection system for their largest water customer at a remote point in the their water distribution system network.

September 2013

Henry County Water Authority selects SWIMM to study pressure transients across their water distribution system network.

May 2013

University of California Berkeley selects SWIMM for monumental study in country of Panama on contaminant infiltration due to pressure transients and loss of supply pressure in their water distribution networks.

April 2013

AWWA ACE13 Real-time WDS Network Modeling Workshop
Presentation On Data Collection For Real-time Modeling

September 2012

Consolidated Utility District selects SWIMM to improve pressures and water quality at remote points in the distribution system through intelligent flushing and pressure transient monitoring.

November 2011

CH2M Hill and Cocoa Utilities Department select SWS (NewFields) to deploy real-time ODS website application and portable hydrant telemetry units to facilitate rapid model calibration project.

Case Studies

Cocoa Utilities Department, Florida

CUD utilizes the SWIMM portable telemetry system and operational decision support (ODS) website application to rapidly calibrate a new hydraulic network model and address a pressure emergency in real-time.

Butts County Water and Sewer Authority, Georgia

BCWSA utilizes the SWIMM-Monitor early warning/event detection system to monitor turbidity, chlorine residual, pH, temperature, and pressure transients at their largest industrial water customer at remote point in the distribution network.

City of Atlanta, Georgia

Consultant for the COA utilizes the SWIMM-Monitor (pressure, chlorine residual, pH, and temperature) to monitor remote locations in the distribution system as part of a comprehensive chlorine residual and TTHM water quality study.

In Memoriam

Hoyal West

Hoyal West (1930-2015)

My father was a man of integrity, honesty, fairness, and hard work. Born at the beginning of the Great Depression on a small farm in Fairmount, Georgia, the foothills of Appalachia, he was the eldest of nine and knew the struggle of farm life both in his daily chores and as a caretaker of his 8 younger siblings. He received degrees from Berry College, Vanderbilt and Peabody Universities, the University of Illinois, and 3 years post-doctorate work at Auburn University. He taught mathematics at Berry College in Rome, Georgia for 33 years supporting his wife and four children. Simultaneously, he worked part time as an arborist and painter and often helped widows in the community – providing a free load of wood, painting their house, or helping out with home repairs. And on occasion he would take time to pick berries in the woods and go fishing with us at the Berry Reservoir. My father taught me the value of hard work, fairness, integrity, compassion, and persistence both as a child and an adult, not through words but through his actions. I owe all of my success to my father and mother who paved a way for me to graduate from Georgia Tech and to create a company that is and will continue to do good in our world. Smart Water Services is dedicated to Hoyal West, one who quietly helped others and loved nature – the forest, the earth, the trees, and the water in the streams.

– Paul West