Transform your water distribution or sewer collection model into a dynamic decision support tool in months, not years, for the same cost $ as a traditional network model-master plan project!

SWIMM = Smart Water Infrastructure Monitoring + Modeling + Management

Integrating Real-time Smart Sensors and Network Models to Create Operational Intelligence


Next Generation High Performance Multi-parameter Remote Monitoring and Control for Water Utilities


Remote Monitoring, Control, and Visualization Website Application (SAAS) or Autonomous SCADA Integration


Operations Decision Support Platform: Innovyze SCADAWatch, InfoWater, ESRI ArcGIS Server, SCADA, AMI, and SWIMM Integration

SWIMM is a scalable Smart Utility platform which integrates high performance remote telemetry systems (pressure transients, water quality, flow, level, weather, etc.) with your existing SCADA, GIS, AMI, and hydraulic model to create a real-time decision support system (DSS) that helps your utility optimize network performance, customer response, and regulatory compliance.


For Water Utilities

Many water utilities are overwhelmed by the overabundance of underutilized SCADA data. While at the same time, critical areas within the water distribution and wastewater collection networks are not monitored at all. These data oceans and data deserts can lead to reactive and not proactive operation and management. At Smart Water we help your utility turn oceans of underutilized SCADA data into actionable intelligence, while also providing relevant operational data where you have none.

For SCADA Integrators

SCADA professionals know the challenges and limitations of using traditional sensor and power hungry PLCs to monitor remote locations in water distribution and wastewater networks where AC power is not available. The SWIMM technology can be installed on hydrants along city streets or in underground vaults that routinely flood or lack AC power. SWIMM can be deployed as a stand-alone application or integrated with the existing SCADA system using a provided OPC server. Contact us for technical details and if you are interested in distribution and field service opportunities in your geographic region.

For OEM Partners

Hardware manufacturers and product suppliers in the water utility sector typically cannot remotely monitor or manage their own systems leading to poorly performing products, frequent and costly travel to a remote site, and potentially a dissatisfied water utility client. Even though your system cannot be connected to SCADA, our SWIMM-Connect cloud platform can be customized to meet your end application goals. Contact us today at 404.937.4049 if you would like to discuss OEM opportunities and help customizing your remote monitoring solution.

For Consultants

Smart Water Services would like to be your contractor of choice for providing advanced monitoring and modeling services for your water utility clients. We provide traditional as well as specialized field testing and equipment rental options so you can incorporate the SWIMM technology into your next model update and calibration project. Monitor key parameters in real-time from the SWIMM-Connect website – pressure, flow, chlorine residual, or fluoride for water quality tracer studies. Smart Water can also assist you in the deployment of SWIMM-Watch and integration of GIS and SCADA with your InfoWater model.

For Regional Sales Specialists

Smart Water Services is seeking regional sales partners with a strong track record of providing innovative solutions to their water utility customers. Please contact us at 404.937.4049 if you are interested in joining our team.