Transform your water distribution or sewer collection model into a dynamic decision support tool in months, not years, for the same cost $ as a traditional network model-master plan project!

SWIMM = Smart Water Infrastructure Monitoring + Modeling + Management

Integrating Real-time Smart Sensors and Network Models to Create Operational Intelligence


Remote Operational Monitoring & Turn-key Problem Solving

Tough & Reliable, Site Specific, Water IoT that Provides Remote Monitoring and Control Solutions for Water Utility Stakeholders - Pressure Transients, Water Quality, Level, Flow, Imaging, and more.


Simplifying Real-time Network Models for ANY Water Utility

Coming June 2019 to the AWWA ACE19 Innovation Pavilion Ultra-High Accuracy Pressure & Level Self-Calibrating IoT Specifically Designed for Rapid Development of Real Time Network Models

SWIMM is a scalable Smart Utility platform which integrates high performance remote telemetry systems (pressure transients, water quality, flow, level, weather, etc.) with your existing SCADA, GIS, AMI, and hydraulic model to create a real-time decision support system (DSS) that helps your utility optimize network performance, customer response, and regulatory compliance.