Announcing SWIMM-RTM (Real Time Modeling): A New Age in Water Management Technology

Real Time WDS Modeling Using Newly Developed Virtual Flow Meter IoT:
A New Digital Age in Water Utility Management

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A Revolutionary New Technology is Coming to a Water Utility Near You!

By now, you’ve seen many water IoT (Internet of Things) devices enter the market place, each having its own unique flair for remotely monitoring pressure, flow, water quality, or leak noise in water distribution systems using various forms of wireless technologies. But the new SWIMM-VFM (Virtual Flow Meter) is not your ordinary water IoT device.

SWIMM-VFM is part of SmartWater’s revolutionary SWIMM-RTM (Real Time Modeling) technology platform (patent pending) which enables virtually ANY utility to create a real-time water distribution system (WDS) network model in a matter of months (not years).  It’s not just fast and easy to deploy, it’s similar in cost as a traditional model calibration project, but with the potential to transform your entire water utility enterprise.

So how is this possible? Let’s take a look under the hood for a moment to see how SWIMM-VFM and SWIMM-RTM works. Advancements in water network modeling software, GIS, smart sensors, IoT, cloud data management, GPS, and machine learning algorithms are creating a new digital age in water network management. Our next generation sensors are not just “smart”, they have advanced degrees in physics and represent a major breakthrough in water utility network hydraulics. SWIMM-VFM (patent pending) is an ultra-high accuracy, self-calibrating, pressure and elevation IoT with x10 improved geodetic accuracy over traditional pressure sensors. Using our custom model configuration and sensor integration, our process delays or eliminates the need to link your model with SCADA, significantly reducing complexity, cost, time delays, and frustration.

Imagine the following scenario:

  • We deploy 20 or 30 of SWIMM-VFM pressure IoT devices in a specific configuration across your entire water distribution network or smaller area if desired. No need to have pressure zones or district metered areas (DMAs). Our sensor configuration creates a virtual pressure zone or DMA of your sub-network.
  • The SWIMM-VFM IoT devices are already pre-linked with your InfoWater or WaterGEMS model prior to arriving onsite. No need for a new modeling software – continue using your Innovyze or Bentley platform that you’ve invested in over the years. And don’t worry about the state of your model calibration. We’ve got you covered. 
  • To make things even simpler, let’s ignore the complicated pump stations and tanks in your system. This part of the model development process is typically time consuming, complex, and costly. SWIMM-VFM accurately simulates these facilities allowing us to simply deactivate these elements in the real-time model scenario. Don’t worry, we can still use them for analysis, and we can always add them back to the real-time modeling process at some point in the future as time, resources, and needs permit. 
  • But don’t we need some sort of flow or demand data to make the real-time model work? Well of course, but we’re happy if you just give us some historical customer billing consumption data or SCADA data if you have it. We don’t want to waste your time and money installing complicated and expensive flow meter IoT across your system if they’re not necessary for the task at hand. We can do that later if needed.
  • Voilà!  Now your model is ready to start its real-time automatic calibration journey. Just sit back and let the machine do its work. And the best part is, the more you stress the system hydraulically over time, the smarter the model gets. Soon you will be enjoying all of the new things you can do with your new real-time network simulation model – operational problem solving, criticality analysis, emergency response, improved capital planning, etc.  

Imagine a not so distant future where we no longer have to wonder what’s happening in our water and sewer networks. We see it clearly on the screen. Not just at discrete IoT points, but at any point in the network. Long gone are the days of tedious and costly manual model calibration efforts, the unrealized potential of network planning models stuck in the back office, or the frustration of waiting for years on your SCADA system upgrade. Let’s finally resolve the operational and capital planning inefficiencies that are slowing down your water utility from being the best it can be. 

SWIMM-RTM is real time modeling for ANY water utility.

Call us today to integrate SWIMM-RTM into your next model calibration project! IoT manufacturers, call us for licensing opportunities so you can join the real-time modeling revolution. You can also join us at the AWWA ACE19 Innovation Pavilion in Denver on June 10-12. We look forward to seeing you there!


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