SWIMM consists of 3 product categories: SWIMM-Pulse high performance telemetry, SWIMM-Connect cloud data collection, storage, and visualization software, and SWIMM-Watch real-time modeling platform, providing your water utility with a wide range of solutions for monitoring and optimizing your buried infrastructure.

Next Generation High Performance Multi-parameter Remote Monitoring and Control for Water Utilities

swimm connect

Remote Monitoring, Control, and Visualization Website Application (SAAS) or Autonomous SCADA Integration

swimm watch

Operations Decision Support Platform:
Innovyze SCADAWatch, InfoWater, ESRI ArcGIS Server, SCADA, AMI, and SWIMM Integration

SWIMM is a scalable Smart Utility platform which integrates high performance remote telemetry systems (pressure transients, water quality, flow, level, weather, etc.) with your existing SCADA, GIS, AMI, and hydraulic model to create a real-time decision support system (DSS) that helps your utility optimize network performance, customer response, and regulatory compliance.

Next Generation High Performance Multi-parameter Remote Monitoring and Control for Water Utilities

SWIMM NG-300 Datasheet


The SWIMM-Pulse Next Generation Low-Power Datalogger, Controller, and Wireless Remote Terminal Unit (LPW-RTU) is the latest advancement in the protection of our nation’s public water infrastructure.

The SWIMM-Pulse NG-300 LPW-RTU utilizes the CR-300 datalogger/controller by Campbell Scientific, U.S. manufacturer and global leader for over 40 years in the development of rugged telemetry products for harsh and remote environments. The NG-300 utilizes the Sierra Wireless RV-50 industrial cellular gateway operating on the Verizon 4G LTE network providing rapid and reliable data uploads to the SWIMM-Connect cloud data collection, storage, and visualization website, provided as a software-as-a-service (SaaS).

The NG-300 is sensor agnostic in that it can integrate with almost any sensor or analyzer. Coupled with our low-power pressure transient detection module, level probe, water quality analyzer or integrated with existing flow meters, the SWIMM NG-300 provides unprecedented insights into water distribution and collection networks. Not limited to only cellular communication, the NG-300 can be incorporated into private or public wireless networks and can also be incorporated into the water utility’s existing SCADA system using a provided OPC server.

The NG-300 communicates directly with the SWIMM-Connect website which provides access to all datalogger user settings in a customizable dashboard environment. For those utilities who wish integrate SWIMM telemetry, SCADA, GIS, and hydraulic model, the SWIMM-Watch cloud-based platform provides the latest advancement in smart water network and real-time modeling technology.

CR300   RV50


  • Pressure Transient/Impulse Monitoring (10 Hz and 160 Hz simultaneous scan rate and datalogging)
  • Analogue/Digital Input/Output (6 analogue, 4 digital, 2 control, 2 pulse counter, Modbus, SDI-12)
  • Wireless Communication (Verizon 4G LTE standard; all North American cellular carriers available; unlicensed 900 MHz; satellite)
  • Power Supply (AGM deep cycle lead acid battery; solar charge controller with optional power analytics; provided 20-50W solar panel recommended for high rate cellular communication)
  • Low Power Sensors/Analyzers (free chlorine, combined chlorine, turbidity, pH, temperature, conductivity, ORP, fluoride, ultrasonic level, flow meter integration, etc.; consult factory for options)

swimm connect

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) Cloud Data Collection, Storage, Visualization, and Remote Control Website Application

SWIMM-Connect provides your water utility a simple turn-key solution for monitoring, controlling, and managing your SWIMM-Pulse telemetry deployments. SWIMM-Connect is a combination communication server, database, and end-user web application that provides instant access and control of SWIMM-Pulse telemetry systems. SWIMM-Connect is powered by cloud technology and provided as a Software-as-a-Service (Saas) which includes: cellular service (Verizon 4G LTE), cloud database management (Mongo DB), the data visualization and control website application, and 24-hr customer support.

SWIMM-Connect accepts both TCP/IP and FTP data source connections allowing users to automatically connect alternative data sources in addition to SWIMM-Pulse telemetry products. SWIMM-Connect can also be configured to push data to 3rd party software applications and SCADA systems.


  • Software-as-a-Service (including cellular service, database management, website access, and customer support)
  • User Configurable Dashboards (utilize Smart Water’s custom dashboard templates or customize to suite application; responsive design works on laptop, tablet, or smart phone devices)
  • Automatic data upload (TCP/IP, email client, ftp data sources)
  • Remote Control (remotely adjust virtually any datalogger or radio setting from website to suite particular site requirements)
  • Alarms (user configurable; web-site, email, and SMS text message)
  • Pressure transient data (remote configuration; immediate upload to website; download to Excel)
  • Trend Plot (water sensors parameters, device diagnostics)
  • Google Map API (with optional KMZ GIS overlays)
  • Automatic Photo Upload (using Campbell Scientific digital cameras)
  • Automatic Data Export (HTTP API for automatic connection to 3rd party software)
  • Documentation ( Wiki)

swimm watch

Real-time SCADA, GIS, Model, and SWIMM Technology Integration

The era of Smart Water Networks has arrived.

SCADAWatch is the latest advancement in Smart Water Network technology developed by Innovyze. SCADAWatch is a powerful data visualization, analytics, and operational decision support (ODS) platform that integrates real-time SCADA data, ESRI ArcGIS Server, InfoWater model, and smart sensor data (AMI, pressure, flow, and water quality sensors) to revolutionize the way we monitor and analyze water distribution networks.

Now network models can sit anywhere (the consultant’s office, plant control room, or the water utility’s engineering office) with a live connection to operational data for continuous model calibration and real-time model simulations of events in the distribution system network.

SWIMM-Watch is the integration of the Innovyze SCADAWatch front end with the SWIMM-Nex.Gen telemetry system including Campbell Scientific backend to provide the most powerful combination of remote monitoring and control technologies to optimize virtually any point in your water supply and drinking water network.